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the (un)OFFICIAL Pheltn Fizix Website. It's sloppy.

mike exclaims: "This will be the impitemy of rock in this generation... we will be using a bunch of keyboards for this one to add a new depth never before heard in ghetto rock, but it'll still be the same old rawkin PF!"

sounds good mike, sounds good indeed.    stay tuned.

DECEMBER 24-- Twas the night before Christmas, and, something.
PF WILL PROBABLY NOT BE PLAYING @ COGANFEST on the 30th.. The band, who recently released their new album, Fizical Edukation, are taking their time playing shows... "we will do it when the time is right..." says lead singer, and new Chicago-an, and hand model, Chris Tysh. "When we come back, it's going to be a total eclipse of the heart", says drummer Mike Tysh. Next year, the band plans to do some shows promoting the album, maybe an interview here and there, and then,,, who knows? Maybe a new album? Maybe something milky? Will only time tell? Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, pop in some PF in your player and be a playa. seeya next year, have a ghetto new year.
NOVEMBER 17-- PF RETURNS LIVE! December 17th, "friends-fest" in Tony Mendolera's garage! here's tha poster! (PF not yet added to the poster).
SEPTEMBER 26-- the world turns as we pull another hit single out of our butts.
AUGUST 20-- ITS DONE!   The long awaited, long delayed new PF album "Fizicial Edukation" is OUT!       check out our myspace page for some of the tracks,    or get a free cd for all of the tracks@!
JULY-- FIZ ED JULY 5th, we want to make it perfectly ghetto. New single, Chineez Restauraunt,   wont get any airtime, who cares its a sweet song. Chris has moved and gone to Chicago but no worries,    PF aint goin nowhere, last update till Shantyfest time, seeya @ the show, pick up your free copy of the album on the 5th, rock on my little ghetto-ites.
1. Fizical Edukation
2. North South East West
3. Arlene
4. Drag Racing Memories
5. You Said That
6. Chineez Restauraunt
JUNE 28-- COOL SHOW IN THE AIR-CONDITIONED BASEMENT LAST NITE, we got to premiere some new rock. Xtreme radio wuz there and we got a record deal.
JUNE 20-- Yeas, the album is supposed to come out to the masses TOMORROW,,   but, it has been deyalyed a week so NEXT TUESDAY! IT WILL BE OUT!       try not to crash your hoopty
MAY 30-- HEY! THE HOT NEW SINGLE "Fizical Edukation" is on the official site! CHECK IT OUT!
MAY 26-- the garage show this saturday is xxcancelled, it will be rescheduled for sometime in June! and, here is the tracklisting for "FIZICAL EDUKATION" !                                    &      (!
1. Fizical Edukation
2. North, South, East, West
3. Arlene
4. Drag Racing Memories
5. Beach Blanket Fizisitz
6. Chinese Macaroni
MAY 21-- new songs include: "arlene", "drag racing memories", "fizical edukation", and "chinese macaroni 2". + many more..!
MAY. 1-- THE NEW SINGLE FROM "FIZICAL EDUKATION" will be none other than the SONG called FIZICAL EDUKATION!  This hot new single will be out @ the end of May!
APR. 22-- We will be writing all of the lyrix for the new cd in South Carolina from May 7th through 13th. The beach will provide for a great atmospheeeer for writing. Then it's on to recording, the first single should be out Late May/Early June. Then it's FIZ. ED. On JUNE 21!!! It should have 6 or 7 tracks on it!
APR. 13-- PF @ this summers SHANTYFEST on August 6th! The place is goonna be hoppin.
MAR. 9-- PF has been confirmed for this summer's SHANTYFEST! All of the official Shantyfest info will be posted on the shantyfest website on April 1st @ 5:00pm!   ALSO... "Hoopty Refurbished" will be out on July 12th, which is the day before the one year aniversary of the release of "Hoopty"!
FEB. 21-- yo, lemme tell u a story about a little band growing up ghetto in south euclid.... PF was practicing on Sunday Afternoon and, before we knew it, THE STINKIN' COPS WERE @ THE FRONT DOOR!  There will definatley be a song about how much our neighbor sucks on the new cd "Fizical Edukation", so watch out for that hot song in da near future...    and if you are concerned if the police will put a hault to our practicing/recording sessions, then you are WRONG my friend!
FEB. 6-- Hey, we are re-recording the entire "Hoopty" album so it'll sound a lot betta. It will come out around the same time as "Fizical Edukation"!
JAN. 18-- We recorded almost two songs on Monday, they are temporarily called "Ricky Williams" and "Department Store". Those titles may or may not change! GHHEETTo,,.,l.
JAN. 14-- Fizical Edukation: June 21, I hope. Maybe it will be out earlier, or maybe a little later, but it WILL COME OUT THIS SUMMER!  Well we are starting some early recording tomorrow so that's a start! Two confirmed songs are "Fizical Edukation" and "Mint Jelly".
JAN. 9-- Nick and Joe just purchazed a new recording mechanism so the new CD is gonna sound RAW and HOT. But it wont be out till the summer:)
JAN. 6-- Happy Ghetto-New Year! Oh yea, and the new cd will probabl not come out 'till the summer, we apologize in advance to our tens of fans.
DEC. 31-- COGANFEST was tiggity tight!
NOV. 14-- It's pretty official, i am hoping that we can get the new cd out on March 8th, 2005. 
3 NEW TRACKS HAVE BEEN LEAKED ON THE INTERNET on the PF OFFICIAL SITE!!!  we are gunna practice over thanksgiving break and winter break. Stay tuned, loved ones...
NOV. 8-- Two live songs from Friday's show: "Corner" and "Como Tu Pel Tootay" are available for download on the official site!
NOV. 5-- Thanxzx to all dem niffas who came to see us tonite, the night was filled with  awesome ghettoness, check out the setlist and notes page for more details.
OCT. 23-- PF @ the Rhythm Room on November 5th?~?!? It just might happen,  stay tuned for further details on this MAJOR announcement!
OCT. 21-- Hey children and adults of all shapes and sizes. Check out the OFFICIAL SITE it has been updated many times in the past few weeks and will continue to be updated. We practicvfed two weekends ago and we will again this weekend (without chris again :( /. /  
also big Joe Jibbinz is designing a tshirt for the band, they will be done soon!    check the official site for more details in the near future. 
also PF has been confirmed for "COGANFEST 2" this winter in a basement!
            ok bye i hate you              -Mike
OCT. 5th-- Hey, we might practice this weekend! I'm bored so I wrote that, but it is true, we might practice! 'Como' is the hot new single.
SEPT. 20th-- Welcome to the unofficial PF Site! I am mike the 'drummer' of PF, i will add more stuff shortly. Check out the Discs Page. Also check out the OFFICIAL PF SITE!

An EXCLUSIVE PF pic from Coganfest!

We Love Our Two Devoted Fans.